Phoenix Pro for Male Sexual Performance

What is Phoenix PRO?

The Phoenix PRO Rx, an at-home medical grade device used to improve performance in the bedroom. In Ontario, Dr. Leonardo was the first physician trained by Dr. Runels, the inventor of the Priapus Shot (P-Shot®), the first physician GAINSWave® provider, and now the first to offer the Phoenix PRO Rx. All three therapies are designed to improve erections. 

How it Works?

The Phoenix PRO Rx, like GAINSWave®, is a device which uses acoustic sound waves to address the root cause of decreased erectile performance, namely, decreased blood flow due to atherosclerosis. Treatment results in improved blood flow and increased sensitivity allowing for thicker, firmer erections. The Phoenix Pro Rx may be used as a standalone therapy, but it is best combined with GAINSWave® and/or the P-Shot®. When combined with other therapies, the Phoenix PRO Rx accelerates treatment results and spares you office visits.  

Our Advantage

Acoustic sound wave therapy for erectile performance is not all the same. We require numbing for our GAINSWave® treatments. Other clinics typically do not. Anecdotally, our device is much more powerful. The Phoenix Pro Rx delivers sound waves at 3.0 Bar and 20Hz and does not require numbing. However, some patients may tolerate treatments better if numbed. The Phoenix Pro Rx is guaranteed to provide 1,000,000 pulses which equates to 50 treatments. As a rule of thumb, 2 Phoenix Pro Rx treatments equates to 1 GAINSWave® treatment. Most treatment failure in terms of acoustic therapy is due to inadequate sessions. It may be difficult to schedule and attend multiple office visits. Hence, Phoenix Pro allows you to continue with therapy in the comfort of your own home. After 50 treatments and adherence to treatment protocol, your erections will never be the same. 


The Phoenix PRO is priced at $3700. When combined with GAINSWave® and/or P-Shot®, $3200. Compare these prices for 50 Phoenix Pro Rx Treatments with GAINSWave's MSRP of $600 per treatment.

Unlike cheeper devices found online, Phoenix Pro Rx is available exclusively through a medical provider. Dr. Leonardo provides medical protocols and supervises the treatment plan for optimal outcomes. The Phoenix Pro is not subject to HST as it is a medical grade device requiring diagnosis by a physician and a prescribed treatment protocol. Schedule your complimentary 30min consultation to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for any of our therapies.