Brazilian Butt Lift

Nonsurgical Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

We offer nonsurgical BBLs. Whether you want to treat hip dips or create better projection, we can do this nonsurgically using Hyperdilute Radiesse (HDR) with or without Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers.

Both Hyperdilute Radiesse (HDR) and HDR blend with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) are great for BBL. There's immediate gratification and less post-care maintenance compared to BBL with Sculptra.

Why choose BBL with fillers over surgery?

Pricing is expensive due to the cost of products and amount required. Despite the cost, nonsurgical BBL remains much safer than the surgical option which is the riskiest aesthetic surgery due to mortality associated with general anesthesia and an inability to gauge response of the patient while they are unconscious. Nonsurgical BBL is performed awake with adequate local anesthesia for maximum comfort.

How are patients kept comfortable?

A nonsurgical BBL is a relatively painless procedure. The treatment area is infiltrated with local anesthesia at the level of the subcutaneous fat. Intramuscular injection should be avoided. Contact with the muscle layer will illicit a painful response and should alert the injector they are too deep.

For this reason, nonsurgical BBL is much safer than the surgical option due to patient awareness and feedback. The danger zone is deep to the gluteal muscles. There would be too much pain for an awake patient to enter this space.


Pricing is per syringe of product. Radiesse: $750 per syringe.

Current promotion

Option One: Radiese only 4-8 syringes per side

  • 8 x $750 = $6000 discounted to $3500
  • 16 x $750 = $12000 discounted to $6000

Option Two: Add HA Filler for $250 per syringe. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • 4 HA with 8 Radiesse @ $4500 (discounted price)
  • 8 HA with 16 Radiesse @ $8000 (discounted price)

2-4 Treatments are required depending on how much is injected each time. Using more Radiesse syringes in combination with HA may obviate need for second session but it depends on your presentation and goals.

Why Dr. Leonardo?

For an ideal outcome, your provider should be well-versed in injecting the male genitalia along with being proficient in medical aesthetics. Dr. Leonardo has been a pioneer in both fields. He has perfected his technique and trains other providers.

Can I see Before and After Photos?

Absolutely! Check out our gallery below.