The Vampire Facelift®

With the rise in popularity of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers like Juvéderm® and Restylane®, Dr. Charles Runels designed a way to rejuvenate and sculpt the face using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). PRP Treatment is a way to stimulate the body to heal, repair, or regrow various tissue using platelets, growth factors, and other chemical markers processed in high concentrations from the patient's own blood. Read more here: RIT. He called the technique, the Vampire Facelift®, and registered it with the US Patent & Trademark Office. Here's what he found when using PRP in the face:

There's never been an allergic reaction or necrosis. This product comes from the patient's own body so the body does not react to it as a foreign substance. 

  1. Bruising is minimal if at all.
  2. There's no lumpiness or nodules.
  3. The effects last at least 18 months and could be permanent, as if the skin actually became younger.
  4. There's actual growth of new tissue by stimulation of omnipotent stem cells. So the change in shape is not from something foreign being in the body but from the body actually rejuvenating and growing.
  5. Neovascularization occurs i.e. PRP stimulates new blood flow with new blood vessels as opposed to simple dilation of the existing blood vessels.

The Vampire Facelift® is essentially a nonsurgical technique to create volume in the face to create a lifting effect while softening the nasolabial folds and other prominent creases. This result can be partially achieved by HA fillers like Juvéderm®. However, HA fillers can cause problems near the eye. Also, the HA filler injector can chase a wrinkle and create a shape that looks foreign or unnatural to the person's face. In addition, HA fillers do little to improve skin tone and texture. PRP, on the other hand, enhances and prolongs the results of the HA filler. Another advantage of using PRP is that there are certain areas in the face where it may be dangerous to inject HA fillers. PRP is safe in those same areas as the PRP will not cause vascular occlusion or skin necrosis. Unlike most procedures, the Vampire Facelift® offers a way of restoring shape, improving tone and texture, as well as literally rejuvenating new and younger tissue. 

After an assessment, a topical local anesthetic is applied to the face to provide a numbing effect during the procedure. Complete surgical numbness is difficult to achieve but the patient will be relatively more comfortable. Any discomfort will be mild to moderate and shortly lived. Blood is aspirated from the patient and processed for about 15 minutes. Juvéderm® is injected. The PRP is harvested then applied to enhance the filler. The effect should be a more youthful, rested, and natural appearance.