Vampire Hair Regrowth®

Why Does THis Work?

The The Vampire Hair Regrowth® procedure is a method of bio-stimulation using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to cause regrowth of hair. PRP therapy is a technique that has been used in chronic pain management and rehabilitation where a patient's blood is withdrawn, centrifuged to superconcentrate the platelets, growth factors, and other chemical markers. These components are harvested and injected into injured tissues. The chemical markers draw stem cells into the area and grow into whatever tissue is in need of repair e.g. muscle, ligament, tendon, cartilage, etc..  

Hair growth is dependent upon a number of processes including stem cell signaling and a cascade of biological events to take place for proliferation and remodeling of hair follicles. Conventional medicine focuses on heredity for the majority of hair loss. However, research shows that stem cells located within follicles can regulate hair follicles and is the reason behind why hair can be in a dormant state or permanently eliminated. 

Autologous platelets (platelets collected from you and used on yourself) when activated, release concentrated growth factors and chemical markers. The growth factors initiate and organize growing tissue by forming a fibrin mesh or extra cellular matrix under the skin. These proteins and growth factors interact with cells residing in tissue such as fibroblasts, endothelial cells, and osteoblasts. They also signal migration of macrophages and stem cells to the area to be treated. PRP contains leukocytes that are key to tissue growth. It is through these processes that hair regrowth can be accomplished using bio-stimulation from PRP. 

The The Vampire Hair Regrowth® may not work on all people. The viability of the remaining hair follicles needs to be assessed. Follicles that have fibrosed (become fibrous tissue or scar tissue) will not respond well. Assuming the follicles are salvageable, hair regrowth should be possible. We can increase hair density and minimize scalp show in mild to moderate cases. 

The Procedure

In person consultation is ideal to assess suitability for this procedure. Our clients who plan to travel from afar may opt for a virtual consultation. Dr. Leonardo will assess your associated risk factors for hair loss. He will examine your scalp to gauge what areas will benefit from the procedure and other areas that may not. Mild to moderate severity is best for nonsurgical hair restoration. 

At the beginning of your procedure, baseline photos are taken for your medical record. Progress will be compared to these images. Blood is aspirated and processed to collect the highly concentrated platelets and plasma (PRP) using the best available PRP centrifuge on the market, EmCyte, which has been found to deliver more platelets than all other PRP devices and Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF). Several studies back this claim. A scalp ring block is performed to achieve complete numbness of the scalp. The PRP is injected into the scalp painlessly. PRP can be combined with Acell or other biologics that enhance the success of the procedure. The scalp is microneedled to induce a controlled injury to stimulate platelet activation. This process may involve PEP Factor or other exosomes that assist with cell to cell communication.  

Follow up Visits?

Follow up visits are scheduled every 3 months. We don't expect to see dramatic results on the first visit, but we have been pleasantly surprised more times than not. By 6 months, there should be more of a "Wow Factor". If not, we will entertain adding another form of therapy or consider repeating the treatment at 9-12 months. Our clients typically repeat the procedure 12-18 months after only 1 treatment. Hair density is still typically better at 12 months compared to pre-treatment numbers. 

As with any medical procedure, there are no guarantees. Individual results will vary based on associated risk factors, level of severity, lifestyle, stress levels, medical history, medications, etc.  

Why Dr. Leonardo?

Dr. Leonardo is a member of the Hair Science Advisory Board and the first Bauman Certified Hair Coach Physician in Ontario. He is also the first The Vampire Hair Regrowth® provider in Ontario trained by Dr. Charles Runels. Dr. John Leonardo has been successfully treating hair loss using a variety of techniques, but is most known for his The Vampire Hair Regrowth® procedure which is a One and Done Approach to hair restoration. 

Unlike industry standard, there is no need for a series of 3 treatments in a short span of time. The The Vampire Hair Regrowth® procedure is a method of bio-stimulation using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to cause regrowth of hair. The more platelets that are delivered, the more therapeutic the treatment. Unfortunately most clinics use single spin PRP devices which deliver fewer platelets than whole blood. Platelet Rich Fibrin claims to be the next generation PRP but only delivers twice the concentration of whole blood. Our double spin PRP system, however, consistently delivers 6-8 times baseline. We have the studies to substantiate this claim. This spares the client repeated treatments that could be panful to endure when performed by most other providers. 

Dr. Leonardo is an American Board of Anesthesiology Diplomat and CPSO Chronic Pain Management Specialist. He knows how to anesthetize the scalp so the PRP injections and micro needling is painless. You read that correctly, painless!

The results speak for themselves. Check out our gallery.